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3 V LED with wires

3 V mini LED with pre-soldered wires. It's not the smallest of the small LED's, meant for installation in cars and other small scenic accessories. But they're small enough to fit in most H0 (1:87) cars, self builder lamps etc. - while they're fairly sturdy and easy for less experienced builders. Each pack of our 3 V LED's comes with a sufficient amount of 1 KOhm resistors to ensure safe use at higher voltages. The head is attached with approx. 19cm of thin wire, ready to be connected to max. 3V AC or DC, and max. 12V AC or DC current if connected via one of the included resistors.


We currently offer:


0014 LED warm white (5 pcs 15-009)


0015 LED warm white (10 pcs 15-009)

Name: Warm white LED 5pcs
article no.:    L..15-009.005.SNM.0014
MSRP: € 5.34
Name: Warm white LED 10pcs
article no.:    L..15-009.010.SNM.0015
MSRP: € 10.00
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