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Aarhus Model Elektronik ApS is a small new company in the world of model trains. As the name hints we're based in Aarhus, Denmark. 

However, although we're new and not so big yet, we should still be an interesting aquaintance for you who's interested in model trains.

Our first and foremost goal is to support the model railroad hobby. We feel that we do so best, by supporting the local shops and dealers around Europe. Therefore we also do not sell directly to private people, but ask that you find a store near you, or the store with your preference of delivery service.

If you don't find a store of your convenience on our list of dealers, please ask your local dealer to inquire with us. 

Our mission statement:

The model train hobby is quite an expensive hobby when you look at it. Although there might be a lot of good reasons why the expenses run up, it doesn’t necessarily need to be so. Aarhus Model Elektronik ApS is founded on the principal idea, that it should be possible to deliver safe and good  quality products which everyone can afford. The only way in which we can assure good prices for the customer, is by scaling up our production and produce larger volumes. This means that our products usually come in volume packages of 5, 10 or 20 pieces, however at very competitive prices. Our goal is not to deliver exactly the street lamp type or tree type that you may prefer for your layout, but rather to ensure that you can afford a realistic volume of street lamps, trees etc. We do so by making sure that our products have a broad appeal and thus can be sold in great volume, hence lowering the R&D and tooling costs significantly. Our products target the model train enthusiast who’s building a layout specifically and other scale model builders in general. All our product designs are based on the philosophy, that our products must be easy to assemble, install and use – while, without compromising quality, they must be some of the cheapest alternatives on the market.

Highlights of our company:

We have our own factory in Wenzhou, China and we're well connected to all the major Chinese manufacturers.



Contact aame


Aarhus Model Elektronik ApS · Sindalsvej 7 · 8240 Risskov · Denmark · +45 2811 1839